Mecoptera, otherwise known as Scorpionfly or The Flying Scorpion, is an endangered species that has recently been discovered by geographers. Arachnologists (people who study scorpions and other arachnids, are excited about the discovery.

"We've theorized the possibilty of flying scorpions for decades now." They say, "A scorpions biology consists of two unknown bulges on their backs, where we've thought might've been wings at one point."

These species however, are highly endangered. IT is estimated that only a thousand or so are estimated to be alive.The one's discovered reside in Arizona, in the Pheonix Valley Area. Little else is known about the creatures. Arachnologists are still learning about them. What is known, is that they fly extremely fast, emit a loud buzz, and are more poisonis than most scorpions. Thier wings and bodies can differentiate in color as well, the most comon wing color type being red. The picture above shows the basic anatomy of a Flying Scorpion.

More news on this site will come as more and more about the flying scorpion is revealed. As of now, you can donate to help fund research on these mysterious creatures and help us purchase an actual domain name. You may also check out our photo gallery for more flying scorpion photos. 

Here are the known locations of flying scorpions: